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Faculty of Philosophy of University in Niches (Serbia)

informed of its intention to organize and conduct
4 and 5 (Friday and Saturday), 2014

IV International Symposium
Symposium is planned to be organized in following sections:

1) theory and history of social communication,
2) theory and history of journalism
3) theory and history of publishing and editing,
4) application of social and communication technology,
5) documentation and archives,
6) bibliology, library science and science of bibliography,
7) social science and computer technology
8) mediaecology and media education,
9) linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics,
10) figurative journalism in mass media


Application for participation in conferences, articles and payment for registration fee and publication are by email to  till February 1th, 2014 (application form is attached).
1. Full name __________________________________________________________________
2. Position _____________________________________________________________________________
3. Academic degree, academic rank. _____________________________________________________________________________
4. Topic  of report

5. Section name _____________________________________________________________________________
6. Please reserve _____ place (s) in hotel "Verkhovyna"
7. Ill speak (underline needed): yes, no.
8. Contacts (code, home address, phone number, email address)
Articles and information about authors and electronic copy of fee receipt and print article send e-mail:
Article is accepted for publication after the message "your article accepted for publication."

Registration fee 100 grn. ($ 1
3 USA or 10 euro) (renting hall, printing programs, booking fee) must pay with pay-per-print the article. Cost of 1 pages is 30 grn.($ 4 USA or 3 euro) Money for the publication sent to:
03179, Ukraine, Kyiv-179,
Kholod Alexander, to the query.
Travel, accommodation and meals at participants own expense.
Materials for the conference are printed in the quarterly journal "The World Social Communications, which was adopted as a "professional" edition of HAC of Ukraine for Social Communications at the request of the applicant.


REQUIREMENTS for articles in the scientific journal "WORLD SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS" (

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